Quad Refurbishing Price List

Refurbishing is done by appointment. Please e-mail me if you are interested in my services. Complete rebuilds include all labor assuming no significant speaker issues exist such as very bad physical condition or significant previous mods. For work less than complete rebuilds, a labor rate listed below is used.

Quad ESL-63 (and Newer)
Element (panel) Rebuild $250.00 ea
$450.00 pr
$800.00 set of 4
$1200.00 set of 8
$1600.00 set of 12
Complete Rebuild
(all panels, new dust covers)
$1500.00 pr
$2000.00 pr (989, 2905, 2912)
New Grill Cloth (ESL-63s)
(Black, Brown, Grey, White)
$75.00 pr
Quad ESL-57
Power Supply Rebuild
(new rectifiers, lamps, power connectors, etc)
$200.00 pr
Input Transformer Rebuild
(new crossover components and input connectors)
$200.00 pr
Treble Panel Rebuild $325.00 ea
$600.00 pr
Bass Panel Rebuild $325.00 ea
$600.00 pr
$1000.00 set
Complete Rebuild
(all panels, power supplies, & input transformers)
$1800.00 pr
General Labor
Hourly Labor Rate $60.00 /hr