It's Here!!! I've uploaded my Quad ESL refurbishing book. I've refined my techniques over the years, and I've got to update it, but it should get you started on the road to fixing your own speakers.

Quad ESL Refurbishing and Modifications:

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I'm sure I've left out lots of people who deserve a lot of credit for keeping this great speaker alive. If I've left you out, or somebody who should be included, drop me a note and I'll update the list.

Useful Sources of Information and Parts:

ER Audio in Australia is a great source for mylar, coatings, power supplies, input transformers and complete ESL kits. His prices are very good, and they ship promptly. Mylar is very well packed in a double mailer tube arangement. The products and service I've gotten from these guys is first class. I highly recommend them.

Roger Sanders at Innersound has been building Electrostatic Loudspeakers Since the 1970's. He has published many articles on the subject, as well as a book. If you don't own Quads, or would like something more "full range" or louder, his designs are worth looking into, and are fairly inexpensive to boot. His book is a wealth of ESL information and tips. I recommend it to anyone who is rebuilding ESL's or contemplating building a set from scratch. I don't agree with everything in the book, but overall it's a great learning tool to understand the fundamentals of ESL design. He is marketing a set of ESL's, I'll provide info here in the future. I'm sure they will be worth checking out.

The Electrostatic Loudspeaker Design Cookbook
First Edition, 1995
by Roger Sanders
with Barry McClune
Audio Amateur Publications Inc.
P.O. Box 576
Peterborough, NH 03458-0576
(603) 924-9464
ISBN: 1-882580-00-1