Harman Kardon Citation III(X) Tuner

This FM tuner is the companion to the Citation II amplifier and the Citation I preamp. In this age of overly processed FM stations, for many of us, there is not much use for a really good sounding tuner when the music comes pre-butchered. However if you do have access to an FM station that isn't butchered, this tuner can deliver some very good sounding music. It is quite sensitive by tube tuner standards, and is reasonably selective to tune in all but the most difficult stations. This tuner has a nuvistor front end for low noise, and 4 IF sections, followed by two limiter sections. There are two versions of this tuner. The Citation III has a stereo indicator that stays lit regardless of tuning conditions, when the selector switch is in one of the two stereo modes. The Citation IIIx has and extra control lines which will switch in and out the stereo indicator lamp.

Coming Soon:

  • Power Supply Capacitor Board
  • Input Connector Boards
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